Africa is the home to some of the most talented kids in the world. The interests, passions and talents of the students is pretty wide and needs to be supported from a very young age. The Super Stars of Africa Contest is aimed at giving each of the kids an opportunity to shine on the global stage without having to travel far and wide.

The platform is coming to the kids rather than kids having to find a platform. Any student (grades 3 to 12) from across Africa can simply register and showcase talents in areas like Painting, Music, Essay Writing, Dance, Projects, Debates, Poster Making and Poetry.

It is the first of its kind event where students from across the African Continent can showcase their talents sitting in their homes or schools. All that you would need is a device that can connect to the internet.

All the students from the African Continent can participate in this event and showcase their talents. The students have to be in the age group of 6 to 18.

Start Date: 15th September

End Date: 25th October

Results: 10th November

The biggest benefit of participation in the Super Stars of Africa Competition is the recognition that you get. We are giving out three prizes for the top three students:

  1. First Prize: Laptop
  2. Second Prize: Apple iPad
  3. Third Prize: Samsung Tab
We have also received interest from various individuals and corporates to provide scholarships to the meritorious students. Those will be declared by those individuals or companies based on their own selection criteria

We are looking for Volunteers who can help their kith and kin get global recognition. If you are interested in helping students who are willing to showcase their talents on a bigger screen, please get in touch with us by emailing us at


 Top Schools

Pioneerst Language School (October, Egypt)

Nefertari International Schools (Heliopolis, Egypt)