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Super Hero for a Day (click to view all responses)

There are so many Super Heroes we see on TV/ Movies or read about in books. They all have special powers and solve lots of problems. Imagine that you had the chance to become a Super Hero for a day, who would you want to be? and what would you do? Post your response and see what others want to do.

 MSB   13659 Views   | 514 Replies Date: 2016-10-02  |
Hello every one! Today I am before you to share my views on the great imagination that if I am a super hero of a day. In my view if I got a chance to be a super hero I would heal every one from the sickness of poverty and money. Every one in the sickness of poverty and money doing all kinds of mistakes. These two are the main problems in our country and in our hearts. If we remove them from the roots of our heart think optimistic and live in equanimity no problems can disturb our mental health and we can lead a happy and a healthy life. ??????????????????
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Which is your favourite sport and why? (click to view all responses)

Sports help us stay fit, learn skills like group work, strategy, planning etc. Not everyone likes the same sport, though. Tell us which is your favourite sport and why.

 MSB   13531 Views   | 333 Replies Date: 2016-09-08  |
my favourite sport is cricket because it is played world wide and each team has 11 players and it shows unity in diversity and our india also play it with very confidence. so, i also like it
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Arts or Science? (click to view all responses)

There has always been a fight about what is more important - Science or Art. What according to you is more important? Type in your views and see how is winning it?

 MSB   7666 Views   | 208 Replies Date: 2016-09-03  |
Everyone can not do the art A few members only can do the same art and coming to science its the most important subject it is divided into three parts physcis,chemistry,biology in our life we willsee physics more inmy life
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Quality of life (click to view all responses)

Everything around is changing pretty fast because of technology. The question that comes up is "has the quality of life increased or decreased because of technology?". Type in your views and debate with students from across the world.

 MSB   7106 Views   | 165 Replies Date: 2016-08-25  |
Everyone wants to became a rich person but only few members can only settle like that once upon a time its so tough to live like now but its all are easy now technology to eat we can order
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The best thing about My School (click to view all responses)

Every school is special. Each school has its own uniqueness. What makes your school special? What is it that makes any school special? Enter your views and have a healthy discussion.

 MSB   19722 Views   | 608 Replies Date: 2016-08-08  |
from Abhinandan singh the best thing about my school is teachers are very polite they are kind and doughtful .and principal mam she is new as though she very good she is conducting co-curriculam activites like plantorium,sprts-meet,celebrations for any event conducting rallys for any this all about my lucky school thankyou lovingly
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Which is your favourite subject and why? (click to view all responses)

You are taught different subjects in your school. No one likes all the subjects equally. Everyone has a favourite subject. What is your favourite subject and why is it your favourite? Write your views and discuss with other students in this debate.

 MSB   39635 Views   | 728 Replies Date: 2016-06-19  |
Explore the motion of plants, animals, lightning, satellites, charges, light and empty space itself! Be fascinated by molecular motors, black holes, the beauty of nature and the simplicity of how it works: Explore the principle of cosmic laziness ? least action ?, the maximum speed, the largest distance, the highest power, and gauge symmetry, the symmetry that explains electric motors, radioactivity and quarks! Find out what fireworks, mobile phones and butterflies have in common, how muscles work, how colours appear, how levitation is possible, why we can see the stars, and which problems in physics are still unsolved. Enjoy many wonderful puzzles about nature. Read about the great advances in our understanding of the processes that surround us. Learn how the story of the universe shapes our night sky, the Sun, our landscape, our bodies and all the atoms that make it up.......I like physics more
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Best quality in any friend (click to view all responses)

We are sure you have a lot of friends. What is the best quality in any friend? (example: honesty, loyalty, helping nature etc.)

 MSB   18044 Views   | 445 Replies Date: 2016-05-08  |
Going first to know about friend he understands about us in my friend best quilifies is they can understand my problems so I like my friends.Friend is also most important in our life
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Role of Internet in Education (click to view all responses)

Internet is playing a very important role in Education. Do you think it has a positive impact or a negative impact? Pour in your views and discuss with students from across the world. It is a great opportunity to learn and share your views.

 MSB   14175 Views   | 307 Replies Date: 2016-02-12  |
The Internet in education can expand the knowledge of students, teachers, and parents. Parents can analyze what is most important to teach a kid in a particular time. Parents can research about the best career for their kids. ... Students can use the internet to convert their theoretical knowledge into practical.
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Are uniforms needed in school? (click to view all responses)

Every school has an uniform, but do you think the uniform is needed? You can either support or oppose. Write your views and debate.

 MSB   22817 Views   | 414 Replies Date: 2015-11-01  |
Its no need of uniform in our school because they ate costing too much now i will tell about my uniform;a pair of RED uniform(pant/shirt)=700\-....a pair of WHITE uniform(pant/shirt)=700/-...and (TIE)=65/ to much money see gov school less fee no cost for uniform....
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