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Super Hero for a Day (click to view all responses)

There are so many Super Heroes we see on TV/ Movies or read about in books. They all have special powers and solve lots of problems. Imagine that you had the chance to become a Super Hero for a day, who would you want to be? and what would you do? Post your response and see what others want to do.

 MSB   3014 Views   | 131 Replies Date: 2016-10-02  |
Our super heroes are our family and friends

Because they will help us in any case and they like us . We were also one of the heroes for our family and friends.

They wanted to do in return.

THANK YOU very much for reading this.

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Which is your favourite sport and why? (click to view all responses)

Sports help us stay fit, learn skills like group work, strategy, planning etc. Not everyone likes the same sport, though. Tell us which is your favourite sport and why.

 MSB   4200 Views   | 137 Replies Date: 2016-09-08  |
My favorite sport is cricket because it is amazing and fantastic. In cricket with out know us there will be a lot of warm u. While playing cricket our mind will be fresh when we play Indore game there will be stress in mind. So I am requesting all ten parents that there childerns should play out door games like cricke, kho kho, kho, kabadi etc
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Arts or Science? (click to view all responses)

There has always been a fight about what is more important - Science or Art. What according to you is more important? Type in your views and see how is winning it?

 MSB   1929 Views   | 86 Replies Date: 2016-09-03  |
The last time I looked, art, science,technology and engineering were completely enmeshed. From the music industry, to medicine, to media, to the design of buildings, fabrics and cereal packets. The arts don't just prettify technology, they drive and embody innovation. It's unhelpful and confusing to deem one more important than the other when they are inextricably connected with profoundly important interactions.  We live in an era where there is a real demand for digital skills and that crosses all sectors, and very much includes the arts . At TeenTech we help students understand that Science and Art don't live in neat little boxes, we show them the Physics and Maths behind games or movie post production and let them discover for themselves the creativity in say printed electronics. A well known study (Root-Bernstein, Allen, et al, 2008) showed that the more renowned a scientist, the more likely they were to be actively engaged in the arts. Einstein was on the money when he said "The greatest scientists are artists as well".
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Quality of life (click to view all responses)

Everything around is changing pretty fast because of technology. The question that comes up is "has the quality of life increased or decreased because of technology?". Type in your views and debate with students from across the world.

 MSB   2587 Views   | 91 Replies Date: 2016-08-25  |
the standard of health, comfort, and happiness are the three things needed for a good quality of life .in my view because of technology quality of life has been increased as many members can do their work comfortably by which they can enjoy in working that leads to proper care of our health . i think that technology has many advantages until we use it in a proper manner.
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The best thing about My School (click to view all responses)

Every school is special. Each school has its own uniqueness. What makes your school special? What is it that makes any school special? Enter your views and have a healthy discussion.

 MSB   7124 Views   | 498 Replies Date: 2016-08-08  |
Recently I had changed my school. My new school name is Sri chaitanya. I liked that school very much from the first day.The nature in the school was very nice as I liked from my very first day the school.My 

school is the best in the whole world. My school organizes well versed competitions, Which no school offers.There are many activities in the school ex: Like Srinivasa ramanujan quiz etc.

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Which is your favourite subject and why? (click to view all responses)

You are taught different subjects in your school. No one likes all the subjects equally. Everyone has a favourite subject. What is your favourite subject and why is it your favourite? Write your views and discuss with other students in this debate.

 MSB   15811 Views   | 619 Replies Date: 2016-06-19  |
My favourite subject is science . Without science there is no life on earth . Every part in science is very interesting . If we read science we will definitely find some questions or answers . THANK YOU
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Best quality in any friend (click to view all responses)

We are sure you have a lot of friends. What is the best quality in any friend? (example: honesty, loyalty, helping nature etc.)

 MSB   6016 Views   | 309 Replies Date: 2016-05-08  |
Best Quality Of A Friend The friend should be honest , should not care about our status (rich or poor) , they should not show jealous when we reach in a higher position than they do , they should be on our side in good times and bad times , they should understand our problems and help us , friend should not be selfish . Friend should have good thoughts and give us good thoughts .
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Role of Internet in Education (click to view all responses)

Internet is playing a very important role in Education. Do you think it has a positive impact or a negative impact? Pour in your views and discuss with students from across the world. It is a great opportunity to learn and share your views.

 MSB   4709 Views   | 225 Replies Date: 2016-02-12  |

An importance of the internet as a learning tool is significant. The development of Internet education has raised the education level in all countries and it has changed the way students are being taught at schools. That???s why it is very important for the present generation that they provide internet education for their young generations.

Internet applications respond to students and other people questions in real time. Students are seeing Google as a new Teacher and the Internet as a school. That???s why it is important for teachers to use information technology in education

The Internet has been crucial in the evolution of our education system in various ways. Teachers can use the internet as a modern tool for education. Education department should provide the infrastructure that teachers and student can use to get benefits of technology in education.

Students are always curious and creative by nature. They are smart enough to know how they can use the internet to search for almost anything. It doesn???t matter if they are studying at a private school or government school. But at the same time, there is a difference in the ways they use the internet for education in schools. In private schools, teachers will teach about computer and internet skills to students. The students note the homework that needs to be done related to that computer class. And do you know how some students do this?  They are forced to go to a cyber caf?? with their parents to collect data that they have to include in their assignments. This is not good. If students are taking the help of cyber boy to collect the data for their homework I don???t think these students learned anything in this process. But the one thing they do learn is that money can work wonders anywhere.

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Are uniforms needed in school? (click to view all responses)

Every school has an uniform, but do you think the uniform is needed? You can either support or oppose. Write your views and debate.

 MSB   8026 Views   | 248 Replies Date: 2015-11-01  |
Uniforms are necessary for school students because they are a symbol of equality. Uniforms don't tell out how rich you are. Uniforms also show how disciplined and sincere a student is.
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