Which is your favourite sport and why?

Sports help us stay fit, learn skills like group work, strategy, planning etc. Not everyone likes the same sport, though. Tell us which is your favourite sport and why.

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my favourite sport is cricket because it is played world wide and each team has 11 players and it shows unity in diversity and our india also play it with very confidence. so, i also like it
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sports makes us to sweat. sweating is very healthy. my fav sport is football. i like sports. mostly every one in india likes to play cricket.indians are very active to play any kind of sports. me too...
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Sports will give fitness for our body to reduce our stress my favourite sport is cricket not only for me 50% of indians will like that sport.I like very much cricket and i likes to bat .
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My favourite sport is cricket.i I like it very much.And also we can improve our leader ship qualities and learn stratergies and also we can control under pressure.And we can also make our body physically fit and healthy and also cricket is expensive game comparing to other sport so I like cricket very much.in this cricket we see that there are division like under 12 under 14 under 16 and under 19 categories so l like cricket very much
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My favorite sport is badminton. Because I am going for coaching. And I know all the rules & game how to play . For that we need non marking shoes & racket
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My favourite sport is cricket Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a field at the centre of which is a 20-metre (22-yard) pitch with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced on three stumps. The batting side scores runs by striking the ball bowled at the wicket with the bat, while the bowling and fielding side tries to prevent this and dismiss each player (so they are "out"). Means of dismissal include being bowled, when the ball hits the stumps and dislodges the bails, and by the fielding side catching the ball after it is hit by the bat, but before it hits the ground. When ten players have been dismissed, the innings ends and the teams swap roles. The game is adjudicated by two umpires, aided by a third umpire and match referee in international matches. They communicate with two off-field scorers who record the match's statistical information. Cricket
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My favourite sport is cricket. My favorite players are Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and Suresh Raina. It is mind refreshing to watch cricket. Cricket is a fast game and keeps you engaged for a while.
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My gavourite sport is cricket because we will get some logic were the ball will go i love this game very much and my role is to play the cricket nice by doing the best batsman and be a man of the match
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my favourite sport is badminton i love that sport more and more my role model is the saina nehwal she plays well and she is the first women indian badminton player she is more beautiful
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actually i dont have a favorite sport..i have many favorite sports..i love to play all the games because all the games have a speciallity..and it is really tough to be good at it. (i love adventures)
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