Are uniforms needed in school?

Every school has an uniform, but do you think the uniform is needed? You can either support or oppose. Write your views and debate.

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We know that in every school both rich and poor children study  together. Rich people may have good dresses and poor children may not have .so to show equality among all children uniforms play major role. This may not lead to any inequalities in children 
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K R Aathira
Yes uniforms are must for the school because if we wear colour dress we concentrate on that only. And school is not a fancy restaurant .Any school will be having uniform because we kept a rule . We are going for studying ,not for fancy competition
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Uniforms are necessary for school students because they are a symbol of equality. Uniforms don't tell out how rich you are. Uniforms also show how disciplined and sincere a student is.
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In my opinion, there is absolutely no need for uniforms in school. Wearing a uniform does not show how disciplined a student is. Students wear uniforms simply because it is code of conduct. They are ridiculed if they do not wear the uniform. If students were able to wear casual clothes, the creativity of them can be shown. Each student has a different style, and the style defines who they are. Therefore, I feel uniforms are unnecessary.
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Hi Friends,
I am sctsmkkpsp8096 studying in srichaitanya school.
Today, I am going to talk about uniform., Every school has an uniform.If we analyze about it,
we get both advantages as well as disadvantages.
In my talk, I would discuss about advantages.

ADVANTAGES OF WEARING UNIFORMS: There are many advantagesof wearing uniforms. If we are lost, then we get a way of getting rescued. If anyone finds us the modern uniforms help them identify what school does he belong.That is why  our P.E.T Sir keeps  us a side as "uniform defaulters". But the students don't  listen to teachers. They are n't understanding teachers responsibility of making us safe. But the students "Wearing uniforms is a waste of time.[as schools have setup very early]".                      DISADVANTAGES OF WEARING UNIFORMS: Also, there are disadvantages of wearing uniforms. Which I will discuss later.                    

By this I recommend my fellow students to wear uniforms to have some safety.                       DONT FORGET TO LIKE MY DEBATE

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Yes uniforms are needed to school. If children are in uniform one cann't now which caste he belongs to so,their is no chance for caste discrimination.By the system of uniform their will be unity in children. 
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Yes,uniforms are required in schools.As,schools are training center of discipline which also show equality among all students.Thus,uniform is a tool which can train discipline to all students and also show equality among them
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uniform is very important in school because when there was an uniform there will be no cast discrimination there will be no fights between students and there will be unity in classroom and it is good to see no fashion in class and all students wearing same dresses.

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Yes!of course uniforms are needed in school.Because it is to tell the uniformity among the students. That means even though the students are ruch or poor, the teachers or the school people doesn't show any partiality and all are treated everyone are given the same uniform to say that they are all equal to the teachers.
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Yes uniform is very mandatory because it doesn't show any discrimination between students and if there is no uniform the students may face many problems like some students may not have proper dress uniform helps them to be comfortable
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