The best thing about My School

Every school is special. Each school has its own uniqueness. What makes your school special? What is it that makes any school special? Enter your views and have a healthy discussion.

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All schools are temples and all teachers are gods and goddesses. My school is Sri Chaitanya. My school has made on uniform and strict rules it can change our students displain. My school has take prevention to healt I love my school and I prayed my school ??????????
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my name swaroop 8 b section from palaSa every school are not same because the teaching of teacher is more difference most of members can explain clearly to students because of lack of communication between students teachers they can freely listen teachers voice in my school sri chaitanya school no1 India proud to say to tell this there are many branches they can explain clearly to students and show ppt to students that I am speaking from scsvzpls 8045 palasa my respectevly principal
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Yes schools are the temples for all of us. My school is special as i enjoy a lot there.and as school is the temple teachers are god and goddeses. So my school is sri chaitanya school palasa and i like it very much. Also the programmes and all all very good and as well as the study is good
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I like my school very much.all of my teachers take care of me and they show me a right way in my life ..and they will be in 24 hours service .....even I get doubt..they respond as much as I feel school as temple where all the gods are teachers......thank you
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every school is like a temple,even my school is also a temple the special thing in the school is full of peace.hence my school gives me a beautiful future and i love my school
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the best thing about my school is giving value for our kindness.working towards our goals and the school works to build learning spaces school life is the best is beautiful and make it colourful.
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they best thin about my school is they will be very good at teachings because they will be always select only good teachers and good at sports and in my school very friendly teachers will be there so i like my school very much
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I am from velocity junior collage .my college has a unique thing as here teachers feel us as their own children . They did not even pay their salary but they did not leave us they are with us until last to make our future bright. They were so good that they did not even care about them and came to teach us by wasting time my collage may not have huge ground but our teacher's hearts are huge.
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I like my school because they teach us very good . And my school is the best and encourages and it has activities too and overall my school is the best
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My school SRI CHAITANYA TECHNO SCHOOL . It is very special to me because it helped in many ways and management , teachers and students are very good . One great special uniqueness of our all sri chaitanya techno school is every dull students get bright feature . It get all the ranks over state wide,national wide ,international wide in booth education aswellas other activity
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