Quality of life

Everything around is changing pretty fast because of technology. The question that comes up is "has the quality of life increased or decreased because of technology?". Type in your views and debate with students from across the world.

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yes according to today 's life style the though there is quality of life ,the quantity of life is decreasing , due to the technology ,every one are living royaly with whatever they have , due to technology our life has become so comforatable that , in one word man is becoming lazy day by day , there is a positive and negative in the life .
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Giri sathvika
It's all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work, family and friends.there is only one happiness in one's life,to love and to be loved.As most of the population suffers through life, barely surviving, disappointed and confused day after day, hopeless, wondering what happened to their strong and beautiful country, it is in the media's power to restore, if not some of our quality of life, at least a bit of our peace of mind.Farms and ranches contend with much more than quarterly reports and profit margins - the weather can wreak havoc on their quality of life and economic viability. When natural disasters strike, we must do all we can to assist the backbone of our economy.We need to remind ourselves that our ultimate goal is not to reduce greenhouse gases or global warming per se but to improve the quality of life and the environment. We all want to leave the planet in decent shape for our kids. Radically reducing greenhouse gas emissions is not necessarily the best way to achieve that.

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The quality of life has indeed increased throughout the world. In India itself, 78% of it's people are above the poverty line. It is impossible to live without i Pads and those who have other gadgets like these obtain indirect respect from the former. Those who don't have these gadgets become inferior by nature.
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azam ali
it depends on how you look at this question.if you compare it with the past, then the quality of life has definitely decreased. our ancestors were in the lap of nature. they met people face to face and not on facebook. they had a stress free life as they didnt have to worry about many things. right now due to the fast speed of our lives,we undergo a lot of stress as our brains are not used to this speed. now looking to the positive side, technology has increased the quality of life materialistically. what our ancestors took hours to do we can do it in a wink of an eye. but as i told technology has only increased the quality of life materialistically and all our cultures and traditions are being lost in the fast tide of technology. we have forgotten to say please, thank you and many more such magical words. our complete quality of life can only increase when we take cultures at the same speed as we are taking technology.
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Today's generation is moving on with 5G speed and if we don't have control on our life we are going to lose our future. We all are moving in a race which has no end. Even we are not knowing why we are doing so. We are attracted to money and facilities. We are not able to move out of boundary of our own life. Technology is playing a vital role in building up our life but we are over dependent on that then we are going to lose our own identity. So we need to know ourself.
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yes, the quality of life has changed because the technology, has spread all over the world. quality of life means that the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.Generally, people are sitting near the computer and chatting with others in phone in this particular generation. And also may get some severe health problems.
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Quality Of life is very to human being "quality of life" mean Is it happiness, wellness, health, fitness, or fun? May be it refers to the absence of disease, leisure time, freedom from oppression, or safety from harm, quality of life, although defined individually, in today's world increasingly means a long and healthy life. Inherent therein is the concept that a feeling of well-being or some level of fitness enhances life. Maybe it is an outgrowth of Americans' search for the fountain of youth, but seemingly "fit is in," or at least the appearance of fitness. Not a fad, this mania has become an integral part of life for many. Executives may choose their companies based on the availability of exercise programs, or employers may hire employees only if they are healthy and fit.
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the standard of health, comfort and happiness experienced by an individual or a group is known as quality of living.i think this quality of living. every person has a different veiw of this topic but this is my veiw
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