Arts or Science?

There has always been a fight about what is more important - Science or Art. What according to you is more important? Type in your views and see how is winning it?

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My favorite subject is science.And mostly in science i love biology.It tells us the study of all living organism their nutrition etc.However we can do art in science also which are known as diagrams.
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Everyone can not do the art A few members only can do the same art and coming to science its the most important subject it is divided into three parts physcis,chemistry,biology in our life we willsee physics more inmy life
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both are important i like the most subject is science and also i like most arts also and i am the artist to my self and my goal is MBBS cardiologist for that we need most important is science subject
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i would go with science and art ..when it comes to science it is one of the part in our life...we get know new things and we get to know what is happening around us..when it comes to art it is a passion,there will be a meaning behind a small art we cant tell science is important or art is important.
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I stand with SCIENCE because it is one of the part in our life.As when we are learning SCIENCE we have to be learning how to DRAW or PAINT. As DRAWING and PAINTING are very important in SCIENCE.SO I GO WITH SCIENCE.but ARTS are not only drawing and painting, there are many more arts.
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Science is more important nowadays. And also like science. Science is the part of our human life. Everyday we depend on science there is no science we can't know anything . Science have three types I know that only. one physics,two chemistry ,three biology so science is more important in our life
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According to me both art and science are important. Science provides the knowledge& art deal with application of knowledge of skills. As science gives us knowledge but art tells it's application hence both art and science are important
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according to me science is more important than art in science we can know all the things which are very important for example first we don't know what is acid rain because of science we got to know what is it and by what reason will it fall so my conclustion is science is 100 times better than arts
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according to me the science is important because i can go to space in a computerised rocket and i can find the future problems of earth and i could find the solution of the problems and solve it
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Science and arts booth are important . Every one chose science because it is easy and it make a study of our envirollnment , nature. Science is purly based upon pratical . It is some what logical and intrest.
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