Arts or Science?

There has always been a fight about what is more important - Science or Art. What according to you is more important? Type in your views and see how is winning it?

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The use of arts is we can make all the hearts happy by giving Greetings and Gifts with a beautiful arts and make our homes more decorative and neat.So,i like art and crafts and making art is my best hobby
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K R Aathira
Science is more important because every thing around us has science. PHYSICS is involved in any stunt or dance. CHEMISTRY is involved in any reaction or program. BIOLOGY is involved in any living things Arts are in the world due to science . Arts also involve science. Thanks for reading and don't forget to like and don't forget to report this and don't forget to use science in any thing.
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The last time I looked, art, science,technology and engineering were completely enmeshed. From the music industry, to medicine, to media, to the design of buildings, fabrics and cereal packets. The arts don't just prettify technology, they drive and embody innovation. It's unhelpful and confusing to deem one more important than the other when they are inextricably connected with profoundly important interactions.  We live in an era where there is a real demand for digital skills and that crosses all sectors, and very much includes the arts . At TeenTech we help students understand that Science and Art don't live in neat little boxes, we show them the Physics and Maths behind games or movie post production and let them discover for themselves the creativity in say printed electronics. A well known study (Root-Bernstein, Allen, et al, 2008) showed that the more renowned a scientist, the more likely they were to be actively engaged in the arts. Einstein was on the money when he said "The greatest scientists are artists as well".
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I would choose arts because science might give you gadgets to make your life simple. Science cannot give the peace and beauty to he people as art gives. Arts bring out your inner beauty. Hence I feel arts are important.
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Well,I think that both science and arts are equally important and it depends on the student that which stream he wants to choose.I will like to choose science because I found it more interesting than any other stream.I think that science is also more preferable because it provides more job opportunities.
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Arts and Sciences have equal importance in my point of view.As, arts need creativity which is a variable.But ,sciences have major importance in this modern era.So,I can conclude that sciences have a better career than arts.

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I like both art and science but more I like Art because I went for drawing classes and even my drawings came in news paper.And I want to become doctor.So I like both Art and science

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Throughout the ages science and art have been two different sides of the very same coin. Initially, these two terms were considered to be completely irrelevant and sometimes even as a contraposition to each other. Along with the progress came the understanding that the connection does exist and even more than that ? in some way these terms are inseparable. Science?s priority is finding the truth and Art?s priority is creating beauty. Obviously, these are two different goals from the first sight but this issue has a lot of ?undersea stones?
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Sree Akhil
arts is very important in our life if we dont know to study we can do art work and we can become artist and we can gain is very important. to know about nature it very intreasting.
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Most of the students either have aspirations of becoming an engineer, scientist or a doctor and therefore have no choice but to opt for science stream at the 10+2 level. Some opt for science voluntarily, others have
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