Hanuman Vs Mahiravana is an enthralling movie hitting the screens on 6th July. We are conducting some contests to give you an opportunity to win some exciting prizes. There are three contests - Quiz, Colouring and Painting.

There will be four quizzes, one every week. The quizzes are multiple choice. You need to participate in the quizzes and get the highest score possible. Students with the top scores will get exciting prizes.

If you liike colouring, here is your opportunity to participate in an exciting colouring contest. Showcase your creativity and talent by colouring the sheets and uploading.

You can make a painting on any of the characters of Ramayana. You need to upload the paintings. Your paintings will be open for every one to see. You can earn points and win exciting prizes.

We understand that your contribution in helping every student become successful is immense. We would like to connect with you and help each of your students make the best of this opportunity.

Please call us on +91 7680075651 or email us on for all the details.