India has made a great name for itself all over the world in the field of Mathematics and Science. Most of us love Mathematics and Science. Being good in Maths and Science is also a prerequisite to get into premier Engineering Colleges in India. MS Wizards gives every student an opportunity to show the world how good they are in Maths and Science. Get started now.

All the students in grades 8 to 12 from across India can participate in this event and showcase their talents.

Start Date: 25th March, 2018

End Date: 30th April

Results: 10th May

MS Wizards will be conducted in three rounds. Top 30% of the students from Round 1 will be eligible to participate in Round 2. Top 30% of the students from ROund 2 will be eligible to participate in Round 3.

We understand that your contribution in helping every student become successful is immense. We would like to connect with you and help each of your students make the best of this opportunity.

Please call us on +91 7680075651 or email us on for all the details.