The Joy of Reading

 Well, we all know what is a hobby right? Some of us like to play sports in the play ground, while some of us love playing video games, and then there are some others who just love reading story books! Every hobby has its own benefits, sports keeps our bodies healthy and fit, video games help in developing presence of mind, while reading is the window to a world of knowledge! It is not similar to the knowledge we may gain from our schools. Some of the benefits which I realized after reading loads and loads of books every summer, are mentioned below:

1) I was able to develop my English vocabulary to a great extent, and without having to put too much efforts!

2) It is always exciting to give life to the characters and allow the whole story to play out in your mind.

3) It was a great way to learn about a particular place/region/continent and the general culture followed there.

4) I never knew where all the time went, every time I took up a book to read.

5) It is an endless ocean of fun, learning and what not - you don't realize all this while you read the book, in fact this happens later when you tend to speak the new words you learnt while reading the book.

6) When you automatically learn these words when you read, you can also easily spell them if required - in the future.

7) A lot of great ideas get built up in our minds over a period of time - giving room to creativity. This creativity could later come to you in the form of drawing or writing or painting and so on.

There have been many great writers who write on various topics. There are two main types of books:

- Fiction

- Non-Fiction

Fiction basically means stories that have been created out of the writer's imagination, whereas a non-fiction book consists of real life stories or incidents or events or facts and so on. Writers are also known as authors. Authors who write fictional stories are generally called as novelists. Authors who write about other famous people's life stories write what is known as biography, and is they happen to write their own life's story then the book is called an autobiography. These types of books usually fall under the non-fiction category.

Reading is a hobby that builds many a personality. It is in fact known as the perfect substitute to travel . Why? Because from the way the author describes about a particular place, your own mind will form a picture and more often than not it would turn out to be more or less a vision of the actual place itself.

So, if you have not picked up a book yet, then I suggest you start with some of the below mentioned books and authors:

1) The Famous Five by Enid Blyton

2) The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton

3) The Hardy Boys

4) Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene

5) Harry Potter by J K Rowling

These are some of the famous series of books every reader begins with! These are some delightful books that engulf murder, mystery, suspense, thrilling adventures, magic, and an entire world of fun and learning!