You all love T.V. right? And does your mother fight with you for watching T.V. for long hours? So, now let us drive our intelligent brains to make our television scold-free and student-friendly!

Firstly and fore mostly, develop a habit of watching informative channels like Discovery, National Geographic and others for at least 10 minutes  a day.

On an average, an Indian kid like you would spend around 5 hours a day watching T.V. - so asking for one-thirtieth part of that time for such channels is not a big deal though - especially when you get a sea of information regarding wild animals, scientific experiments, truths of nature, great discoveries, etc.  Yesterday, in my 10 minutes of Discovery channel, I saw a boy who was born with three eyes. Don't believe me? Head on!


Cartoons ? the ultimate love of Childhood! We watch every episode zillions of times- so much that we can reproduce the same thing. Let's twist our talent to develop a new skill - whenever you see a repeated episode turn the language to English.

This will work wonders on your language skills. Additionally most of the dialogues of cartoons are first written in English and then converted into other languages. As experience says, Original is always the best, so you will gradually find it more fun to watch these cartoons in English.

Although you might not find it much comfortable to watch them in English, soon it becomes a habit and good habits should be endured.

 The ?wh? words - what, who, where, when, how and why are miracles! They can be applied almost anywhere and everywhere.  So when you watch T.V., take a deep dive into them - Put up questions related to whatever interests you.

For example, Doraemon has a 4-dimensional pocket. But what do 4-dimensions actually mean?

Nobita often travels in a time machine. What is a time machine and how does it function?

 I love Ninja Hattori. Who actually are Ninjas? How can I be like them?

Now try to find answers to them.  Ask your friends, parents and teachers.  Do some research? Use the internet. You will be amazed to find bundles of information on such casual words.

There are various dimensions in the world. Time machine has been a hot favorite topic amongst scientists and writers.  And Ninjas actually exist!


Thanks to the satellite T.V.  providers such as Tata sky, Airtel T.V., Dish T.V.,etc. we can enjoy a whole lot of fun activities with various subscriptions. Almost all of them have special kids edutainment offers - education with entertainment.

Daily, we get to learn new poems, play new quizzes, practice my communication skills, learn craft, sharpen my memory, increase my general knowledge and try entertaining games. It provides various competitions and free gifts too!


Now is the time to seek some inspiration! The performances in talent-related reality T.V. shows are breathtaking! Whether it is a young boy singing his heart out in Indian Idol or a bunch of butterfly-like girls dancing in Dance India Dance ? it is a pleasure to watch as well as inspiration to grasp.

These are ordinary people who did extraordinary hard work to reach high standards. We all can be like them - with right spirits and right guidance.

Whenever you feel inspired - talk about it. Talk about it to your parents, teachers, siblings and friends. Look for the right coaching center or take the help of the internet - especially YouTube under the guidance of your parents.

Most of the famous dancers today, like Bobby Sharma say that it was internet who was their first guru and T.V. which was their one of the first inspirations.


So this is the way how the defamed 'IDIOT BOX' can prove not to be such an idiot when used correctly? So let us make the golden use of the time and brain we put in this television to increase our general knowledge, improve our communication skills, increase our imagination and get some inspiration!

Little friends, however remember that going out to play, spending time with family and friends, devoting time to studies and physical activities are equally important and equally fun!