Inspiring Story

The Rise of Leicester City Football Club (LCFC)

The Barclays Premier League Season of 2015 ? 2016, is one which will remain in the minds of all fans of football for a very long time. The rise of Leicester City Football Club (LCFC) to become champions of what most experts say is the toughest league in the world is inspiring to say the least. In a country where football has been dominated by clubs with huge financial resources at their disposal, Leicester?s triumph has been a breath of fresh air. It simply goes to show that passion, hard work and the will and belief to succeed will eventually trump money. Not one person expected them to become champions. Even their manager Claudio Ranieri said at the start of the season that their aim was survival ? 40 points, to stay alive in English Football's top flight.

On December 25th, 2014, Leicester was struggling in the Premier League and fast forward a year later, they were on top of the table exceeding not only the expectations of others but their own too. A story like this had never been scripted since the Premier League came into being in 1992. Many of their own fans thought that they'd never live to see another title triumph after their League Cup victory in 2000. This could be attributed to club's decline in the 21st Century which saw them return to the Premier League in the 2014 ? 2015 season after over a decade. Their rise over a year has been magnificent, but the next question is if they will be able to continue to dominate.

Their success came out of nowhere with records of bets showing that the chances that Elvis Presley was still alive were higher. This truly shows how their success took the footballing world by storm. However, one must always remember the words of their manager, which it was always down to belief that this could be possible. The team included players who were rejected by various clubs and those who were having the time of their lives in the season that would be their breakthrough. This team truly showed the value of how to get ahead of the pack and maintain that lead by remaining modest and hard working. Their captain and manager throughout the season maintained that their goal was survival.

Another reason why this story is inspiring is because of the simplicity involved. Claudio Ranieri promised his squad pizza if they kept a clean sheet in a particular match. When the team rose to his challenge and achieved the clean sheet, he kept his promise but with a twist. The players had to make their own pizza. His logic and explanation were simple, to enjoy anything, one must always be willing to work for it. People say that this is what dreams are made of, but no dream becomes a reality unless one is prepared to work for it. The whole team truly believed that they could become champions only when it became extremely obvious. They worked for it but like everything in life it wasn't easy. There were a few road blocks and Leicester was declared the champion with 3 games to spare, becoming only the 6th club to win the Barclays Premier League.

Playing a team sport always makes way for better inter personal relationships. One can see that with any team celebrating its victory or looking back after a loss. In this age of social media, fans were delighted to be part of the exact moment the players found out that they were champions. Uploaded by Jamie Vardy, the video captures a fairytale ending to a great beginning. The belief and will to do something always takes anyone a long way. Claudio Ranieri was travelling that night and this only goes to show how unassuming the man is ? to take each day/match as it came.

This entire story shows us how important it is for us to live in the present, take each day as it comes and never give up hope. It also illustrates that when an opportunity comes your way, you must take it and give your all and that there are no excuses. Leicester's players are rightly called the Foxes, as like the animal they waited for their opportunity and took full advantage of it when it came. Inspiration comes from many things but this fairytale is something else in a world where everything is dominated by finances. It?s true that money is important, but stories like this go to show that it?s not everything. Nothing can ever beat hard work, talent, simplicity, focus and most importantly belief.