Science has always been easy and fun to learn. The more you explore, the more thirst and hunger grows in urge for knowledge. And that's how kids, you start loving this subject more. Science is huge and wide. Science experiments are fun-loving. Here are a three simple science experiments that you can do by yourself

  1. Magic with an egg
  2. Musical Bottles
  3. Dance in a cup

Get ready folks to do this exciting science activity at your home.

Magic with an egg

Before starting, think of the way in which you can push an egg bigger than a bottle opening into the bottle. Stop and think for a while. You can easily understand it by practically performing the experiment magic with an egg.

All you need is:

  • Hardboiled egg
  • Paper
  • Matchbox
  • Empty narrow mouthed jar

Now let's begin with our experiment. All you required throughout the experiment is patience and interest to understand and learn fast. Follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Deshell the egg and throw away the eggshell. Now keep the egg on top of the jar with its narrow side down. Kids, all you observe is that the egg cannot get into the jar through the opening.  
  • After this, take the egg off the bottle. Take a piece of paper, light it with a matchstick and drop it inside the jar. Now place the egg again, with a narrow side down, in the jar. After some time you will find the egg fall into the jar.

Why did it happen? How did the egg fall into the jar? Why it had not fallen before dropping the burning paper inside the jar? If you all have not understood then let's look at the reason.

Conclusion: Here is the reason why and how the egg fell inside the jar so easily. In the beginning, the air pressure inside and outside the bottle was same. But, after burning the paper and dropping that into the jar, the oxygen inside the bottle changes from gas to the solid by combining with the molecules of paper. This reduces the air pressure inside the bottle. When the pressure is considerably low, the egg is pushed into the jar by the outside air pressure.    

 Musical Bottles

Have you ever wondered how music be created with a bottle? Is it really possible that music and jars can make a sound? Yes, you heard it right. I have got to show you this amazing melodious experiment. Science is possible with everything. Think of anything and scientist has just made it possible.   

 All you need is:

  • Six empty bottles
  • Water

Step 1: Fill the bottles with water of varying amount. Start with one bottle being nearly empty to the sixth one being completely filled. Line them up in an order from lowest to highest amount of water.

Step 2: Now blow into each one of them starting with the bottle having the least amount of water. As you move from one bottle to another, you will notice a change in pitch. Try this again and this time move as fast as possible, from one bottle to another. You have created music. Woah! Amazing.

Conclusion: You know, sound is a form of wave motion of vibration. Blowing across the top of bottles causes the air inside to vibrate. The sound waves vibrate more in large spaces, making the pitch deeper while in small spaces sound waves produce a higher pitch.  

Dance in a cup

Can you make raisins dance? Try this one. All you need is:-

  • Some raisins
  • A transparent cup
  • Soda water

Fill the cup with soda water and drop the raisins into it, one by one. You will see the raisins dance from the bottom to the top over and over again. Actually, the soda water has carbon dioxide gas in it. When we add raisins to this water, the carbon dioxide molecules stick to the raisins surface. This fixing of the gas molecules makes the raisins more buoyant, allowing them to rise to the surface.

Once they reach the surface, the gas escapes and the raisins sink back to on the cup's bottom. The process keeps on repeating itself and appears to us as the dancing raisins.

We are sure you had a lot of fun while performing these science experiments. Stay tuned for more.