How deep is the ocean?

Many of you may be thinking it might be some hundred meters and some think it is more than 1,000 meters. You are wrong if you assume like that. Now let us see, what the ocean's actual depth is. And brace yourselves to get surprised. Alright, let us throw a big heavy rock into the ocean and when it touches the ground, that'll be the final point. And during this rock journey, I will be comparing the depths with the heights of some of the monuments and structures you know so that you'll get more clarity about its depth. 

So we just threw that rock into the ocean it's going deeper ? 10m .. 20m .. 30m and 40m. This is the maximum depth scuba divers can swim. 

Now, the rock goes deeper crossing 100m .. 200m .. 300m .. 301m. This is the height of the Eiffel tower!

It continues ..  400m .. 500m. This is the deepest that blue whales can dive.

The rock is still travelling, crossing 600m .. 700m  .. 1,000m (1 kilometer). This is the maximum depth sunlight can reach. So, after this point you cannot see the rock. Don't worry! I tied a water proof light to it.

The rock keeps going .. 2,000m ? 3,000m  ? 4,000m ? 4,267m. This is the average depth of the oceans (since, not all the oceans are deep). It doesn't stop and is still travelling deeper 5,000m ? 6,000m ? 8000m ? 8850m. This is the height of Mount Everest! Which means you can inversely dip the whole mountain and there's still some depth left.

It's still travelling 9,000 m ? 10,000 m ? 10,994 m. This is the depth oceanographers Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard reached in 1960.

11000m .. 11034m (more than 11 kilometers) the rock hits the ground! It is called the Mariana trench which is at western Pacific Ocean.

And, most of us are still afraid of the 6 feet swimming pool.