An encyclopedia serves as the purpose. It is a collection of vast information. It is a set of books. There are so many topics available. It consists of everything all the world. This encyclopedia helps the children to gain more knowledge and helps the students to develop research skills. It contains about the culture, history, animals, inventions etc.

World book Encyclopedia ? it consists of animals, thousands of articles, hundreds of subjects, inventions, information-rich. 

National Geographic little kids first big book of dinosaurs: this book is for kids. This book contains all the stuff about the dinosaurs. 

Quantum Physics for babies: this is all about the little knowledge about physics. Simple things yet to learn. This book contains the image which kids find amazing.

Knowledge Encyclopedia: the world as you have never seen it.  This book is definitely for the children. The content in this book is more useful with plenty of images. It mainly focuses on the human body, space, and history.

My encyclopedia of very important things: this is for kids aged between 4 to 7. It is Abundant information about the animals. It also has the vocabulary. It is very rich in photography and discovering things.

Student encyclopedia of general knowledge: this book mainly focuses on the knowledge about politics. And it also tells about the leaders.

The knowledge book: everything you need to know by the 21st century.  This is a book meant for students. It is a mixture of technology, economics, maths, history, Science, religion, art, philosophy.

First children Encyclopedia: it covers several topics such as plants, animals and about the earth.

Manufacturer of encyclopedia

Partap publisher and distributor  - Jagatpuri, Delhi.

Bharatiya Kala Prakashan ? Tri Nagar, Delhi

Britannica publishers ? this is one of the major publishers.

 The average cost of Encyclopedia

To determine the price of an encyclopedia or a set encyclopedia, but there will be a variation of price from one seller to another seller. The encyclopedia is a set of books and it is sold in volumes. This volume does not have a high price.  

Encyclopedia Britannica, it consists of 32 book sets and it cost around 24000. A single encyclopedia would cost around 400-500. It is the average cost.