Online learning is one of the booming business sector these days. But not all websites contain information that kids want to look at. A lot of these websites are for high school or college students. There are not many websites out there for kids. There are a lot but all of them are filled with the curriculum they are not fun to look at, most of them freak out children. Children love to visit education websites which raise enthusiasm in them. In this article, we mention the best websites which are worth looking at.
Many of the websites mentioned below will contain games, graphics, animations which educate your child and entertain them as well. Here is the list of top 10 websites (well sorted) that you will want your child to browse.
1. is one of the best websites for children here we listed it at the top. This website contains gameplay enhanced learning. The graphics are of good quality and filled with beautiful colors. In this website, the emphasis is placed more on learning. The website is free but you can download the app which is premium (34$ a year). It?s cheap and every penny is worth spending.
2. is for children who are 1-13 years old. You don?t have to create an account. It is completely free. it has good gameplay learning. There are e-books (full not sample)   to read. It has ads which are why it is in the second position on our list.
3. Nat Geo: this website is for age 10 and above. All the kids might not love this website but it has a lot of useful information. It has articles, educational videos but no games as in the above two. It has advertised but they are very kid friendly. The best thing with the website is information is updated on regular basis.
4. Nasa kids: Nasa kids is for kids who like spaceships, Mars rovers, and space stuff. This website takes your child to a different world. There is a lot of fun information which your kid love to comprehend. Nasa kids may not work well on mobile.
5. Young ocean explorers:  youngoceanexplorers is a fun website where kids can spend hours. It is narrated by father and daughter who travel through oceans. In this website, you can learn everything about oceans. High-quality ocean videos mesmerize kids.
6. this website is for kids who are 12 and up. How stuff works website literally means what it says. This website has a lot of interesting facts. This website is worth looking at.
7. Shawn the sheep game academy: this website is established by creators of the animated movie Shawn the sheep. This website teaches fundamentals of coding from scratch. It provides problems to solve using analytic and critical thinking. For kids it doesn?t feel like they are actually coding are solving something very complicated. In the currently living world coding is as necessary as math, physics.
8. Discovery mind is blown:  this website is filled with articles, books, and games. This website provides education and entertainment different from nat geo website. Video delivery in high-quality movie format is its specialty.

If you are a parent please ensure that the pc or mobile your kid uses has filtration software to filter out explicit content.