Seetha and Geetha were best friends about 10 years back. They both stayed in the same neighbourhood and absolutely loved Music. They both wanted to be singers when they grew up. They would both sing different songs when they would play with their friends. Their friends loved their singing and could not tell who the better singer was. 

Geetha's parents and teachers were extremely supportive of her and wanted to give her all the opportunities to improve her talents so that she could one day become really successful. They took her to most of the competitions happening around the city. She won some and she lost some, but the exposure she got was amazing. It opened her to many styles of singing and she could bring in a lot of changes to her style. The appreciation and recognition she got from everyone when she won prizes inspired and motivated us to achieve more. Seetha's parents and teachers on the other hand wanted Seetha to focus only on her academics and never encouraged singing.

Ten years later, Geetha is an extremely successful singer. The recognition and appreciation she got for her music skills has also given her the confidence to do well in studies. Seetha now rues missing out on her dream. 

This is a fictional story, but if we look closer at our own lives and our friends' lives we will find many similar stories. A lot of dreams of young kids remain wishes when they grow up. Many a talent goes unnoticed, unimproved and over a period of time just gets burried in time. 

The greatest gift a society can give its kids is the support to ensure that every kid realizes his/ her full potential irrespective of their social backgrounds, financial situation or the school they go to. It can only happen when we start giving enough importance to every talent of the kids and encourage and motivate them. A simple pat on the back for a good job can motivate the kids immensely. Let's give them hundreds of such pats on the back.

If we can all spend a few hours every week trying to understand the interests and talents of our near and dear ones, we can do them far more good than we can every imagine. A few words of support and pat on the back can go a long way in motivating them to excel in their lives. It need not just be your child, it could be your neighbour's kid or your nephew or niece or anyone else.

The opportunities we give our children decides what the future holds for all of us. Let's build a better planet, one student at a time.