This was the letter written by a seven year old named Chloe from Hereford, England. She found out about Google from here Father and how amazing Google is. She decided to give it a shot, but as she says in the letter she did not know a lot of job application so shot a letter to the Google Boss. That is so adorable. Her letter is so well written and is overloaded with cuteness that you would want to read it over and over. 

What must have made it special is the reply from Sundar Pichai, CEO of GOOGLE.

We hope that little Chloe remains as ambitious as she is now and fulfills all her dreams.

Something to ponder:

Like little Chloe, kids from around the world are so ambitious and are full of dreams, but somewhere down the line we just all end with wanting just a small job or a hike or some other small thing. It is high time that we give every single child the freedom to dream and the support to ensure that those dreams are fulfilled.