Anime is a shortcut for animation. Japan has been producing much anime lately and they have billions of money through them. In 2014 they (manga  Industries) earned 282 billion yen. Japanese anime has become an integral part of modern Japanese life and culture and entertainment for kids. So it is their profession to make children happy and entertain them. Kids and adults also like watch anime. The may be very interesting and entertaining. There may other reasons like the story, characters or they contain creative storylines, and specialized worlds i.e. different world. I think are incredible. They created with an intention of being seen by the younger ones.

 Take the example of an anime Dragon Ball Z. I am huge of fan of Dragon Ball Z. It is the most viewed anime. In this Characters use supernatural powers. For that reason, they keep on releasing the new series of Dragon Ball Z. It?s the characters that make this anime more popular. Is it right guys.

If an anime is loved by everyone then show the interest to create more anime like this. Especially kids show a keen interest in them so this may be the reason they produce lot anime (the general opinion). Anime takes you to an imaginary world where you can do the impossible things and fantasy world you won't see. They have the plot the people easily connect and relate with them. Anime is a fusion of intense action, drama, fantasy.

Anime improves Kids knowledge

How an anime can improve a kid knowledge? I Guess it is true because the storytelling and kids can learn a lot of good things. The difference between good and bad.The moral values in them. There is an anime called Dorman and it is very good that is put up. Everybody loves this show and it has moral values and it teaches kids to the right things.

                  Anime is more imaginary and has some quite interesting things to learn about Japanese culture. If kids are connected to the anime so that kids relate to the characters performed in anime. It helps the kids to increase the level of creativity and endorses imagination. And also it refreshes the kid's mind so they may concentrate on the things and any work they do. Kids love characters using supernatural powers and that?s what makes them connect to the anime.

Best Anime for Children

There is no specific anime that can be suitable for children to watch. It is their wish and modem of interest. Here are some that may be best for them to watch and enjoy.

Doraemon  - This anime is about a cat which is a robot came from the future who came to change the life of a boy named Tabitha.

Inazuma Eleven -  In this anime a boy who is a football player. He likes football so much. These anime shows us the value of friendship. Young fellows dedication level towards the football.

Pokemon ?  This is also a good anime. A boy named Ash collects the pokemon and start a journey of adventure with his friends.

Dragon Ball Z ? This is about the Saiyan race. The Saiyan Goku was sent to destroy the earth. But he has grown up to be a nice man and save the earth from invasions.

Nichjou ? it is comedy series filled with fun.

My Neighbor Totoro

The Cat Bus


Captain Tsubasa