Nikola Tesla is an engineer and physicist. Nikola Tesla is a Serbian American engineer born on July 10, 1856. He was born and bought up in the Austrian empire. Tesla received education engineering and he was top of it. He is best known for designing the alternating current of the electrical system. He also discovered the rotating magnetic field. Katherine McMahon Johnson is the woman he ever loved and she was the wife of Nikola?s Lifelong Friend. His father was an Orthodox priest, his mother was unschooled. As the days past Tesla grown up to be an imaginary and creative person. He did have a poetic touch. He attended the University of Prague. Late he did experiments on dynamo and he reversed it.  He later developed induction motor using alternate current. In 1883 he worked for the Edison company, he constructed induction motor. In 1884 he went to  America with four cents in his pockets. He worked with Thomas Edison and their separation was inevitable. Tesla established a laboratory so that he sharpen his mind and in his laboratory, he conducted continued his experiments. Tesla in his laboratory exhibited electricity to flow through his body and he invited to lecture at home. He died at the age of 86 on 7 January 1943, in U S A. 

His inventions

Nikola Tesla invented many things. He produced Tesla coil. He produced alternate current and constructed induction motor. He conducted various experiments with mechanical oscillator or generators, discharging tubes, x-ray. He built a wireless controlled boat. In 1889 developed Tesla coil.  Later in 1891 Tesla demonstrated wireless lighting by electrostatic induction.  In 1893 Tesla sought another way to produce alternate current so he developed steam-powered oscillating generator.  He constructed egg of Columbus, and he introduced new steam power oscillator. He introduced the polyphase system and Colombian exposition. On the advice of Tesla, they built a two-phase A C generating system at Niagara Falls. He discovered x-ray and x-ray imaging. Radio remote control, In 1898 Tesla demonstrated a boat that used coherer based radio control. Wireless power transmission, he developed a system to project power without wires.  In 1906 Tesla demonstrated a bladeless turbine with 200 HP and 16000 rpm.  Wireless lawsuits.  At first, Tesla was the person who invented Radio. He invented neon lamps. He invented laser, electric motor, the idea of robotics. He invented Tele automation. 

The patents of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was the world?s greatest inventor. He had almost invented 700 inventions but which were less known to the public. He had obtained 300 patents worldwide for his inventions. But some of them have not accounted so now there are 278 patents issued in 26 countries.  But some of his patents were not accounted and there may be the reason behind it. And some of the countries did not put the patent rights for Tesla?s invention, most of his inventions. You Can check the book called ? The Complete Patents of Nikola Tesla  ?, a book edited by Jim Glenn. This book contains all the patent of Nikola Tesla.