Education can teach children how to improve their knowledge and gain wisdom. Education is very important for a child to develop himself or herself. By making the learning filled with fun then they will more interest in education. By showing things and let them learn through visuals and they may able grasp things faster. They should be given practical knowledge. By giving the education through videos they learn them real quick it does not bore them. It will be fun to watch. There are many videos which can you the something to learn. Some of the educational websites which may help you in studying are mentioned below:


Academic earth:

Internet Archive


Brighter storm

Cosmo learning

Future learning 

 Here are some of the Youtube channels which provide some educational stuff regarding children. Videos make you visualize things which make the children understand. There are Some big collection of youtube channels which has a vast collection of videos with some good quality of content. Videos enjoy learning new things and develop their abilities and skills.

1. ASAP science 

This is a  youtube channel in which there is stuff about science.

2. Teddy and Timmy poems for kids 

This is a channel is especially for kids. This channel fun-filled and crazy for kids.  Kids can learn all the rhymes and it has other educational videos with 3d animations and pleasant music.

3. Kids channel ? cartoon videos for kids 

This channel is total entertainment for kids. It has some educational videos also. This channel has videos on rhymes, videos on ABC and numbers and shapes.  And preschooler learns moral values.  This channel various videos which the kids love to watch. This channel brings kindergarten education to your doorstep.

 Children songs

4. My little TV kids songs and nursery rhymes

This channel is specially designed as a parenting tool for preschool kids and toddlers 

5. LooLoo kids ? Nursery Rhymes and children?s songs

This channel contains all the children?s rhymes which they like. And it contains songs with lyrics, animated videos. This channel is for children, preschoolers, and toddlers.

6. Kids channel India? Hindi rhymes and baby rhymes and baby songs

This is channel has Hindi rhymes. It is one of the popular youtube channels in India. It has rhymes videos with good quality and animated videos which kids love to watch.

Preschool songs 

7. ChuChu TV nursery rhymes 

This channel has videos which engage children in a series of upbeat nursery  rhymes and colorful animation 

8. Super simple songs - kids channel

It has kids songs, nursery rhymes and more interesting videos. They explore through song and movement.

Educational videos for Toddlers

9. Kids learning cartoons 

This has some educational videos and other interesting stuff.

10. Blippy 

Fun educational and interesting videos for children. They will learn through this about the shapes, numbers. This channel also has videos about animals and construction, vehicles. Cartoons and animation.