Arrow Times Carnival is an online Talent Discovery Event conducted across India with an intention to showcase, recognize and encourage the talents in school students. The event had three areas in which the students showcased talents - Painting, Essay Writing and Quiz. This is the largest online event in India aimed at giving every single student in the country a national platform.


72,548 students participated in this month long event and had visits from more than 2.85 lakh students. During the duration of the event, we had 5,194 paintings, 6,250 essays and 85,891 quizzes that were submitted by the students. More than 1,800 teachers also participated in the teacher leg of the competition. This is one of India's biggest online competitions ever. Moving away from the traditional model of physical competitions, we have conducted an online event so that students from anywhere can participate and showcase talents.

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The event has been a huge success and have received great feedback from parents, students and teachers alike across the country. The level of talent exhibited by the students was breath taking. More than 10,000 students have got merit certificates. We believe that a talent spotted young is the start of a great career. We are happy that we could inspire thousands of students from across the country to participate in this competition.


Arrow Times continues to support talent identification in students. The students can keep participating in the Arrow Times section by visiting We will focus on talent identification in areas like Writing, Music, Debates, Painting, Dance, Projects, and Poetry. This is our way of contributing to the society and nation building.

You can check the results here -


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