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Nikola Tesla is an engineer and physicist. Nikola Tesla is a Serbian American engineer born on July 10, 1856. He was born and bought up in the Austrian empire.

Education can teach children how to improve their knowledge and gain wisdom. Education is very important for a child to develop himself or herself.

Japan has been producing much anime lately and they have billions of money through them. In 2014 they (manga Industries) earned 282 billion yen. Japanese anime has become an integral part of modern Japanese life and culture and entertainment for kids.

Kendriya Vidyalayas are one of the most respected schools in the country. Kendriya Vidyalayas Got Talent is an online competition to showcase the talents of all the students studying in Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country!

Millions of people across the world dream of working at GOOGLE. It is a phenomenal company and looks after its employees pretty well. It was no surprise that a 7 year old who learnt about Google from her father also wanted to get in. She got a reply too!

If you are passionate about Talent Discovery in School Students and would like to contribute to the growth of students, you can join as a Brand Ambassador of MySuperBrain. All you have to do is create competitions on and invite students.

When most other 14 year old kids are busy worrying about final exams and marks, Harshwardhan Zala is busy building drones that can save the lives of hundreds of soldiers. He is an inspiration to many students across the world. Well Done!

To be able to help others is a great thing. To be able to help others by risking our lives is ultimate bravery. Indian Government recognizes 25 such brave children every year. Their bravery deserves all our support and adulation.

Super Stars of Africa is an Online Talent Discovery event that recognizes talents in students across the African Continent. The event is online and the registration is completely free. Students can participate from the comforts of their homes and schools.

Seetha and Geetha were best friends about 10 years back. They both stayed in the same neighbourhood and absolutely loved Music. They both wanted to be singers when they grew up. But what really happened to both of them?

Arrow Times Carnival is an online competition conducted by Arrow Publications to discover and encourage the talents in students across India. It has received great response from across the country. The results have been announced on the 2nd September

Here's a story about a mom who learned a lesson from her third-grade son and realized she needed to change the way she approached her job as a teacher. Sarah Slivosky is a world language teacher at Stevens Forest Elementary School in Howard County, USA.

India has almost 300 million school going students. That is 300 million talents and each talent needs to be honed and showcased on a global platform. Arrow Publications India, one of India's premier publication house, has launched an event to do the same.

National Science Concours is a unique science contest which encourages use of science & technology through experiential learning. Summer Science Camp of National Science Concours concluded on June 25, 2016 at Templeton Academy International, Nainital.

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