Make My Child As A Premium Member

Premium Services believes that the students should get the best resources at the cheapest price possible. We, therefore, provide free accounts to any student registering on the website. However, there are certain features that extremely useful for the students, but cannot be provided free because of the effort and money that is needed to get those features.

We, therefore, charge a nominal amount of INR 720 500 for Indian customers and USD 20 for customers outside India for the premium account. The premium account has the following extra features.


  1. Students can maintain a blog where they can upload their works in a variety of areas

Analytics - Quiz and Competition analytics

  1. Pie charts for a quick understanding of where the students stand
  2. Personalized analysis every month
  3. Percentile scores - city, state, country and overall

Ask an Expert

  1. Students can post questions to experts
    1. Two per month

EXALT Magazine

  1. EXALT is our activity based montly magazine that encourages students to stretch their minds and improve their skills. The magazine contains activities in eight different intelligence areas.
  2. It is available in four age groups - Little Genius (Pre-primary), Kids (1st to 3rd grades), Junior (4th to 6th grades), Senior (7th to 9th grades). The magazine will be sent to your address by the 10th of every month.

Parent Account

  1. Parent can login and check out the performances of the kids
  2. Top students
  3. Top students in individual areas
  4. Scholarships info

Ad free pages

  1. We would love to keep our website ad free so that the learning that the students get is complete and break free, but because of the various costs involved in running a website - content, technology, servers, marketing etc we cannot provide an ad-free website to all the users. We, however, keep the website ad-free for all the students with premium accounts.

Personalized Expert report every month

  1. Kids have a lot of interest in participating in various competitions and quizzes. Apart from the competition and quiz analysis that we provide, experts would go through all the entries and provide a feedback every month. It helps the students immensely.

Coming soon...


  1. Create groups
  2. Be part of groups

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Make My Child As A Premium Member