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Hindu Public School 

Hindu Public School was founded in 1989 by a core group of families who desired a parent-governed school for their children in Utah County. Meridian filled a vacancy left by the Waterford School when its Provo campus closed at the end of the 1989 school year. These families took the responsibility to organize an independent school governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of parents and educators. Hindu Public School operated in the old building near the BYU campus in Provo for 19 years before moving to the former Christ Evangelical Church in Orem.Meridian History - OremThe founding families have left a place where ‚??parent-teacher‚?? relationships are unique, where academic excellence is celebrated, and where every student is important. Many families are attracted to the individual attention, small classes, high academic standards, and appropriate moral climate that continues to define Meridian School today

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