Orient Islamic School

Orient Islamic School

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Orient Islamic School 

The Orient Islamic School is committed to providing a holistic education compatible with Islamic principles and practices to enable our young learners to live harmoniously in our multi cultural society and to contribute to the growth and well being of the nation while retaining their Islamic identity and commitment to the development of Ummah.

Student Achievers of Orient Islamic School

  1. Our students excel in all the areas - sports, academics, co-curricular etc.

Principal's Message

I am a resourceful and enthusiastic teaching professional with demonstrated leadership strengths and proven ability to manage multiple responsibilities. I encourage the growth and development of the learners? cognitive, social and emotional skills by motivating and inspiring a fun and challenging learning environment with a strong vision to achieve successful educational, co-educational and religious outcomes for learners, parents, staff and the community. This vision has included successful strategy sessions, and extensive liaison with the Staff and the Board of Governors.

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