St. Anns High School

St. Anns High School

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St. Anns High School  

To impart education to the poor and needy the school was started on 1st April 1871 with 25 orphans and 3 boarders by the sisters of St. Ann a Religious Congregation committed to the cause of education.

In 1883 the strength increased to 130 pupils In November 1884 it was officially inspected and recognized as a Middle School. From its start the school presented pupils for the Middle School Examination for the Madras Matriculation.

Student Achievers of St. Anns High School

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Principal's Message

Education is a continuous and creative process. It aims to develop the capacities latent in human nature and to coordinate their expression for the enrichment and progress of society. St. Ann?s High School (S.S.C) section for the past four decades has always been accompanying its students through the period of their evolution during which they mature in their identity, make the fundamental life choices according to ethical criteria and acquire for themselves a first reflex vision of reality. This follow-up has been achieved through a systematic and articulated complex of elements like the cultural and educative contents imparted, the significant relationships offered and the climate created.

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