School Logo

Stationed in the heart of a great city is the ageless Summer Fields, having the ability to expand & capture the progressive environment where the development of character is valued more than formal instruction. Our school is a beautiful fabric ? a collage of various ideas & colours where the bright & the buoyant merge with the soft pastels. It is at Summer Fields that confidence & a co-operative spirit replaces diffidence & self centeredness & the lesson that is etched in the hearts of our students is to keep order amidst change & maintain change amidst order.Summer Fields School, with the motto of Love-Life-Light, is a perfect blend of old fashioned traditionalism & post modern pragmatism.

MySuperBrain is our effort to bring out the best in every student by using technology. It gives an opportunity for students across the country to Discover, Improve and Showcase their skills on a bigger platform. Technology is making the world flat with students being able to learn from anywhere. schools Times will help students learn and improve their eight intelligences.

What do you get on MySuperBrain?

  • New Quizzes everyday to help you test your knowledge and also to improve it.
  • New articles and videos to improve your knowledge immensely.
  • Global competitions where you get an opportunity to showcase your amazing skills in a variety of areas.
  • Educational Games to help you have fun while learning.
  • Opportunity to get global recognition.