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Students around the world loves being an all-rounder. He/she wants to excel in multiple areas, but may not get the opportunity to do so. is a website that increases your student's knowledge, creativity and provides a platform to showcase his/her skills to the whole world. We bring to you the best articles on various topics that are important for your kid to have a good understanding of the world around them. It includes articles on number crunching, verbal ability, science, general knowledge, health etc. We also conduct quizzes to test the knowledge of students and give them answers too so that their retention can also be improved.

Recognition is one of the most important motivating factors in school students. Every student silently, and sometimes very openly, craves for recognition. It gives them a lot of confidence when others applaud them for their skills. It improves the overall confidence in students and helps bring out the best in him/her.

We are a global platform for students to showcase their skills, with users from more than 30 countries. Students can participate in different competitions like essay writing, projects, painting, out of the box thinking, poetry, photography etc. Whenever a student participates in the competition, parents, teachers, students, academicians, enthusiasts would be able to view the entries and give points for the work submitted. We have both crowd evaluation and expert evaluation. Apart from the recognition by various people, the student would also be able to discover his/her latent skills.

Students also get detailed analysis of their performances in competitions and quizzes. It gives a good understanding of the students' areas of interests, strengths and weaknesses. The articles and educational games will help students improve their skills in all the areas.

We also publish our monthly magazine, EXALT. It is an activity based magazine to help improve students' interest and skill in multiple areas. The approach is to give students activities that ensures that they are understanding the concepts rather than just remembering the formulae or words etc.

If you want to know more about us, drop us an email on or call us on +91 97013 20902