Introduction : is an attempt to bring out the all rounder in every student. Every student is special, but for a lot of reasons we do not see the full potential of students come to fruition. MySuperBrain is a platform for school students to learn new things, participate in competitions and also showcase their exceptional skills in multiple activities.

We draw extensively from the path breaking work of Dr. Howard Gardner. The theory of Multiple Intelligence proposed by Dr. Gardner has been used to develop our content and our approach to encourage all-round development in every student.

The company was founded by IIM Graduates and senior technical professionals from the USA. We will bring the best of different education systems to help the students become well rounded individuals.

At, we believe that there are three main aspects of all round development:

  • Learning.

  • Competing.

  • Recognition.

Learning :

The website currently provides learning materials in the following areas:

  • General Knowledge.

  • Current Affairs.

  • Leadership series.

  • Vedic Mathematics.

  • Health Education.

  • Financial Education.

  • Science projects.

The learning material can be accessed from any computer. The material is developed by experts in the respective domain and the effectiveness is thoroughly researched.

Quizzes and Competitions:

The other aspect of all round education that we are focusing on is the participation of students in various educational games, quizzes and competitions. Every child is special and every child has his/ her special interest and hobby. We provide a platform for students to participate in games like Sudoku, Scrabble, Puzzles, number games etc. so that the students can refresh their mind and stay fit and focused.

Recognition :

At MySuperBrain, our focus will always remain on bringing out the best in every student. Research has shown that the performance of kids increases with the amount of recognition they get for the work they do. The special skills of students have to be showcased to the world and it remains at the center of our vision and mission. On, students can showcase their special skills in any area of their interest.

SuperBrain of the day :

Everyday we feature one student as the SuperBrain of the day. We feature students who have done well in multiple activities. For one day, your kid could be the center of the world.

We judge ourselves by the contribution we make in each student's life. Let the students be judged for their all round skills and not just one aspect of education. The world will certainly be a better place.


We give out prizes to winners of different competitions. "SuperBrain of the Day" and "SuperBrain of the Year" are our two big prizes. SuperBrain of the year gets a laptop. There are a lot of other exciting prizes to be won apart from the recognition.

To us, "Education is still a quest for knowledge and not a quest for marks."

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