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This is my personal experience as today's 90 % of upcoming generation is losing creative skills, which should be seriously dealt with. Even though all these things are outdated then too it has got its own beauty and it conveys a lot.

Technology is replaced every three years where as knowledge almost every year. This is more visible in our educational institutions. Schools are stuck in 20th century where as students have already reached the mid of 21st.

I am an Indian. From a middle-class family. And, I am an engineer; a pseudo one at that. Enough said

Many parents and students do not understand the importance of extra-curricular activities.

Voice when used properly can be one of the most powerful tools for any teacher.

Here's a story about a mom who learned a lesson from her third-grade son and realized she needed to

Values need to be an integral part of any individual for successful growth. Then why is its need diminishing? Why do the outgoing school students don't feel its importance? Aren't we teachers, mentors, educators and parents supposed to take up the onus to develop the need for the values?

It came into play an important role. Now a days number of students have awareness about what they are studying in the books. They are just remembering the question wise answers without having any knowledge about it. I hope present CCE pattern will change the view of students.