Weekly sessions with professionals and experts from different fields - Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Businessmen, sports-persons, Government officials etc.


Gifts worth over INR 1,000 based on the interests of the students, gathered on the basis of their participation in events and competitions.


Free courses worth INR 20,000 on a wide variety of topics and areas. These courses are offered both online and offline by the best teachers.


Discount Vouchers worth INR 25,000 on our store. We firstly curate the best products and services and also ensure the best discounts on those.



Monthly online interaction sessions with students from more than 25 countries to create a better understanding of the world.


Every month, some of the best students get special recognition for their talents - SuperBrain of the Month and SuperBrain of the Year.


Launching a first of its kind special radio for all student related activities. You get a chance to host one or more of those sessions.


SMS/ Email updates about offline and online competitions across the world so that the student can participate and showcase talents.