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Aryan Tiwary

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Vikas - The Concept School


Dear Super Brains,

How do you become famous across the world ?

There are three simple steps to gain global recognition:

You are Special! You have amazing talents that can inspire the whole world. Here is your opportunity to showcase your skills to the whole world. Every month, new and exciting competitions are launched on under the SCHOOLYMPICS category.

SCHOOLYMPICS is the Olympics for students and schools. You get a chance to showcase your skills and win medals for yourself and your school. You and your friends can now make your school proud and spread your glory to the whole world.

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  •  SCHOOLYMPICS is held every month. Each month, new topics and competitions will be made live on the 1st of every month.

Competition Process:

  1. Register on, if you haven't done so already.
  2. Go to the competitions page and see the open competitions
  3. Click on Proceed and visit the entry submission page
  4. Submit your entry by filling out the details
  5. All the entries will be evaluated in two steps : Voting and Expert feedback
  6. Share your entry with as many people as you can so that you get more votes and have a great chance of winning some medals
  7. Participate in all the rounds of Schoolympics. Inform your friends too. It will help you get more points as well as increase your school ranking

Every month, you and students from across the world will participate in some exciting competitions. The top participants from each competitions will be given medals - Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. The medals tally for the schools will also be maintained so that the top schools list is always available.

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