Nefertari International Schools

Nefertari International Schools

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Nefertari International Schools 

At Nefertari International Schools, NIS, we are committed to provide a supportive, happy and positive learning environment for all students to help them acquire the academic skills needed for further university education, in addition to implementing values and skills needed to become an active, balanced and compassionate citizen.

We are Striving for Excellence is the school Motto

Student Achievers of Nefertari International Schools

  1. There are various students achievements across all ages and in different fields;academics, art, sports, Music locally and internationally.

Principal's Message

It is a pleasure as well as a challenge for Nefertari students to participate in super stars of Africa for the first time. In Nefertari, we encourage and support our students to discover, exhibit and improve their talents and Hobbies. We should be all proud of students contribution and talent regardless of who wins or losses. Good luck to all.

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