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Maharishi Vidya Mandir 

Consciousness is the prime mover of life. Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools are offering complete theoretical and practical knowledge of consciousness, which will open the gate of all possibilities in the life of the students. Through the technology of Maharishi Vedic Science, the schools offer mastery in the field of consciousness, enabling the student to accomplish anything and live a complete life.This most vital element of life, the study of consciousness has unfortunately been out of the mainstream of education. That is why the tree of life on earth has segregated from its roots and lost the source of its vitality. It lost its nourishment and became fruitless. The bliss quality of consciousness became dormant; suffering dominated human awareness; and problems prevailed in the world.The time has now come in this scientific age for everyone to gain complete knowledge of his own consciousness, and to live life in its full potential of bliss, freedom, and fulfillment.

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