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Don't miss this amazing opportunity to get started in the journey of Coding. Coding isn't just about learn a programming language. You need to improve your logical thinking ability, creativity and problem solving skills. Get started with the most holistic approach for Coding.




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Logical Thinking Test

  02/11/2020 onwards

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Algorithms Test

  09/11/2020 onwards

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Problem Solving

  16/11/2020 onwards

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Coding Activity

  23/11/2020 onwards





Build a Better World

Coding can help you build a better world. You can be a great Programmer if you have the zeal to make the world a better place.






Coding Star gives students a great opportunity to know what their strengths are. They get a sneek peek in to the world of Programming, in the way they should.


Students get analysis of how they are performaning and what areas need improvement. This helps them get holistic learning rather than getting into coding just for the sake of it.


Students get to take the first steps in the journey to become a great Coder. This learning will be helpful throughout their lives. This will be the start of something wonderful for every student.





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Here is a wonderful opportunity for all schools to make the coding classes extremely useful. Coding star touches on the most important aspects of Coding.
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Coding is a great skill to have, but it has to be done right. Here is your opportunity to learn coding the right way. Get started now!