Fantastic Singer Contest

India is Home to amazing singers. You are never too far from a great singer, but most of these singers sing only in their drawing rooms, classrooms, offices or, in a majority of cases, bathrooms. Let's celebrate the singing talents of everyone.



Milo Home Ground

Athletic Federation of India is conducting the largest online activity for school students. Students can learn from some of India's finest athletes, improve fitness, get inspired and also get certificates from the Athletics Federation of India.



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As I Grew Older
It was a long time ago. I have almost forgotten my dream. But it was there then, In front of me, Bright like a suna My dream.
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White Holes
For a while, white holes seemed to share the fate of warm holes a€” mathematically permissible contortions of space-time likely prohibited by reality.
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Entrepreneurship and Startups
You have an idea that you feel can solve a big problem or cash in on an opportunity. Now, understand how you can get started and what can get you to the next level. There is an interesting activity too. Don't forget to complete the activity.
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Lessons from Instagram
Instagram, as we all know, is the extremely popular photo and video sharing platform with over 1 billion active users. Mike Krieger, the co-founder talks about how they scaled up in a short span of time. You shouldn't miss this video!
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Showcase your Skill

Want to showcase your talent to the world? Well, don't waste anytime. Upload an article, picture, audio or video showing your skills and the whole world will take notice. Earn fans from across the world..




Every child is blessed with amazing talents. Discover your talents on through activities, competitions and events.


Every talent needs to be nurtured so that the student can discover his/her true potential. Start nurturing your talents today and build a great success story.


Your talents shouldn't be restricted to your schools or your home. Let the world celebrate your talents and you get the recognition you deserve.


Every single kid has amazing talents which need to be discovered, nurtured and showcased on a global platform. We understand your passion towards giving your wards the best opportunities to succeed. is a platform that helps your students make the most of their potential. We are with you in the quest to help each student achieve their dreams.


The best way for you to engage your audiences is by encouraging them to showcase their talents. MySuperBrain gives you an opportunity to take your brand close to the hearts of your target customers by supporting their talents. Reach out to us to encourage more people to showcase their talents and build a positive brand recall in millions of customers.
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