A multiple intelligence diagnostic survey will be conducted after you register. There will be a series of activities and tasks for the participating students over the next few weeks. These help us design and customize the program for your child.

Your child will also be able to participate in a lot of exciting sessions and activities over the next couple of months leading up to the Carnival so that they are better prepared for the camp.

You also get an early bird discount. Use Discount Code EARLYBIRD to get 40% off.


Multiple Intelligences
Identify your dominant intelligence.



Cost effective
Each class and activity will cost less than INR 5. Pricing doesn't have to come in the way of learning for your kids.


Single Package
Students need to be exposed to multiple courses and categories so that they can identify the areas that they are truly passionate about.


Curated Products
Apart from the courses online, we also curate a lot of products and services that helps students in their growth.


Future Ready
Our courses and activities are not designed for the past. They are designed to help students be future ready and zoom ahead.